Scottish Dermatological Society

Message from the President, Dr Colin Morton

Dr Colin MortonThe Scottish Dermatological Society was founded in 1924. The object of the Society is to promote, for the public benefit, the knowledge, teaching, and practice of dermatology. It pursues this object in a variety of ways including:-

by collecting, collating and publishing information about dermatology by stimulating, promoting and publishing appropriate medical and scientific research, and by holding conferences, meetings and seminars.

The Society has a President, a Secretary and an Executive Committee who meet regularly. Clinical and scientific meetings are held 3 times a year, and regular symposia on relevant topics are held jointly with members of other disciplines. The President represents Scottish Dermatologists on the Executive of the British Association of Dermatologists.


The National Icththyosis Support Group (ISG) are holding a Scottish patient  meeting on Saturday November 12th in Glasgow.

The Minutes of the latest SDS Executive Meetings & Business Meetings are available within the Members’ section.


Next SDS Meeting:

The  276th SDS meeting, will be held in Lanarkshire on 23rd February  2017.

Hosted by: Dr Freida Shaffrali

Further information is in the Members Section